Official HIGE DANdism (Official髭男dism) is a jpop / Pianopop boy band from San'in. They became viral after their hit "Pretender" in 2019. Official HIGE DANdism was formed in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan, on June 7, 2012 by graduates of Shimane University and Matsue Nakataku College, the nickname being "Higu Dan". 


  • Narazaki Makoto (楢崎誠) - Bass, Saxophone

  • Ozasa Daisuke / Daisuke Kosasa (小笹大輔) - Guitar

  • Fujihara Satoshi / Satoshi Fujiwara (藤原聡) - Vocal, Keyboard

  • Matsuura Masaki (松浦匡希) - Drums 


  • Origin: Japan
  • Genre: new era of j-pop, R&B, and soul
  • Active Years: 2012 - present


-All members are producers, and no leaders are set up so that everyone -can share their opinions in an equal position.
-April 22, 2015 Released 1st mini album " Love and Peace is Kimi no Naka " and made an indie debut.
-February 2016 Moved to Tokyo for full-scale activities.
-April 11, 2018 Released 1st single “ No Doubt ” and made major debut from Pony Canyon . The single was newly written and selected as the theme song for Fuji TV's monthly 9-drama “ Confidence Man JP ”, and it was the first time that an indie artist was appointed as the 9th theme song [6] . Recorded a 16-week chart-in at Billboard Japan Hot 100.
-Received the Best Japanese Music New Artist Video Award at MTV VMAJ 2018 for the major debut song “No Doubt”.
-On October 18, 2018, 2nd EP “Stand By You EP” was released and won power play at 27 FM / AM stations nationwide.
-Obtained 1st place in monthly airing in October. 
-The title song “Stand By You” was a non-tie-up song at that time, but it was the first non-tie-up song in “Billboard Japan Hot 100”.
-On May 15, 2019, the 2nd single “ Pretender ” was released. The theme song of the movie “ Confidence Man JP -Romance Hen ” is a newly written song and won 1st place in the Oricon Weekly Streaming Ranking on June 3, 2019 with 2.371 million times. A record to stop Aimyon 's continuous recording at 23 weeks was established. The first place in the ranking is the first. Currently, he has won first place for 25 consecutive weeks.
-Released 3rd single “ Fate ” on July 31, 2019.
-On October 10, 2019, the first major album and the second album “ Traveler ” were released.
-The first participation in the " 70th NHK Red and White Song Battle " was announced. 


Studio albums

    [2018.04.11] Escaparade (エスカパレード)
    [2019.10.09] Traveler 

Mini albums

    [2015.04.22] Love to Peace wa Kimi no Naka (ラブとピースは君の中)
    [2016.06.15] MAN IN THE MIRROR
    [2017.04.19] Report (レポート) 


    [2016.11.02] What’s Going On?
    [2018.10.17] Stand By You 

Digital EPs

    [2017.10.13] LADY 


    [2018.04.11] No Doubt (ノーダウト)
    [2019.05.15] Pretender
    [2019.07.31] Shukumei (宿命) 

Digital singles

    [2017.07.21] Tell Me Baby / Brothers 


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