Band Members


魚丁糸 oaeen formerly- Sodagreen 蘇打綠 is an all male Chinese -Taiwanese indie band. The band was formed in 2001. Sodagreen  is the first indie band to hold a concert in Taipei Arena. In 2019, Wu Tsing-fong (the lead singer) venture a solo career.



  •     Wu Tsing-Fong (Greeny) aka Wu Qing Feng – lead vocals, piano, harmonica, accordion, percussion, flute
  •     Liu Jia-Kai (Kay) – guitar, backing vocals
  •     Ho Jing-Yang (A-Fu) – guitar, ukulele, backing vocals
  •     Kung Yu-Chi (Zephyr) – piano, viola, keyboards, backing vocals
  •     Hsieh Shin-Yi (Claire) – bass guitar, piano, guitar, guzheng, backing vocals
  •     Shih Jun-Wei (Wei) – drums, percussion, guitar, harmonica, backing vocals


Studio albums

    Sodagreen (2005)
    Little Universe (小宇宙; 2006)
    Incomparable Beauty (無與倫比的美麗; 2007)
    Daylight of Spring (春・日光; 2009)
    Summer/Fever (夏/狂熱; 2009)
    What is Troubling You (你在煩惱什麼; 2011)
    Autumn: Stories (秋:故事; 2013)
    Winter Endless (冬 未了; 2015)


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