The Asian Simple Plan, 八三夭 831 /831 八三夭  translated as The Last Day of Summer is also simplying called 831 is a mandopop boy band consisting of five members. In  the summer of 2003, after gradurating from their high at Taipei Municipal High School in Taiwan, they formed their band. Their original drummer Ziyu left band and retired, Adian took over his spot. 


  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Debut Date: February 8, 2007
  • Active Years: 2003- present
  • Record company:
    Himalayas (2007)
    Universal Records (2008)
    Believe in Music (2012-2014)
    Rolling Stone Records (2014-present)


  • Yang,Jiayun aka Xiao Tang aka Tangerine, aka little orange - Headed and Keyboarded 
  • Li Xianzheng aka Aya aka grandma - Lead Vocalist and Guitarist
  • Deng Youzong aka Batian - Bass
  • Liu Yanhui aka Liu forced aka Liu- B aka Liu Ju - Guitarist
  • Cai Yizhan aka A Dian aka Dan-Tsai - Drummer


  • Active from: 2003 to present
  • Record labels: B’in Music, Rock Records, Universal Music Taiwan
  • 2003 Participate in the spring shouts and wild stage singing 


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