Hu Xia 胡夏, Fox Hu Xia, Xia Hu is a male Chinese singer and actor. Hu was the winner of the sixth season of Taiwan's One Million Star in 2010. Hu Xia is most well known for singing "Those Years" (那些年), the theme song for the movie You Are the Apple of My Eye.


  • Name: Hu Xia 胡夏
  • English Name: Calvin Hu
  • AKA: Fox Hu, Xia Xia Hu
  • Birthday: March 1, 1990
  • Birthplace: Nanning, Guangxi, China
  • Occupation: Singer, Actor
  • Years active: 2010–present
  • Awards: The Best Male New Singer
  • Labels: Spring Prince



    胡 爱夏 (Hu Love Xia) (2010)
    燃点 (Fire Point) (2012)
    傻瓜探戈 (Silly Tango) (2013)
    替我照顧她 (Take Care of Her for Me) (2015)
    念·旧 (Reading the Old) (2019)



    Sad Fairy Tale (伤心童话) as Liu Tong (刘同) 2012
    Money Game (2015)
    The Left Ear (2015)
    Roco Kingdom 4 (2015)
    Quiet Now! (2016)
    Growing Pains (2017)


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