Fish Leong, Jasmine Leong Leong Ching Ju, Leong Chui Peng, Liang Jing Ru (梁静茹) is a Malaysian singer. Fish sold more than 18 million records, and achieved popularity and success in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. 


  •     Profession: Singer
  •     Birthdate: 1978-Jun-16
  •     Birthplace: Bahau, Malaysia
  •     Height: 156cm
  •     Weight: 45kg
  •     Star sign: Gemini
  •     Chinese zodiac: Horse
  •     Blood type: O
  •     Family: Husband Tony Chiu (趙元同)
  •     Talent agency: Fu Long Production Co., Ltd.


TV Series Theme Songs

    Nuan Nuan (暖暖) Warmth, Full Love opening theme song (2017)
    Zai Ai Li Deng Ni (在爱里等你) Waiting For You Inside Love, Singles Villa opening theme song (2015)
    Mei You Ru Guo (沒有如果) No If's, My Queen opening theme song (2009)
    Bie Zai Wei Ta Liu Yan Lei (別再為他流淚) Don't Cry For Him Anymore, My Queen opening theme song (2009)
    Ai Qing Zhi Suo Yi Wei Ai Qing (愛情之所以為愛情) Love, Because of Love, My Queen ending theme song (2009)
    Shu Yu (屬於) Belong to, I Do? opening theme song (2008)
    PK, I Do? ending theme song, with Gary Cao (2008)
    Zhong Jian (中間) Middle, Love Contract opening theme song (2004)
    Bie Ren De Tian Chang Di Jiu (别人的天场地久), Wind and Cloud 2 ending theme song (2004)
    Wo Bu Kuai Le (我不快乐) I'm Not Happy, Shen Tan Ke Lan ending theme song (2001)

Studio albums

    Grown Up Overnight (1999)
    Courage (2000)
    Shining Star (2001)
    Sunrise (2002)
    Beautiful (2003)
    Wings of Love (2004)
    Silkroad of Love (2005)
    Kissing the Future of Love (2006)
    J'Adore (2007)
    Fall in Love & Songs (2009)
    What Love Songs Didn't Tell You (2010)
    Love in Heart (2012)
    The Sun Also Rises (2019)

Compilation albums

    The Power of Love (2003)
    I Love You Hereafter (2011)

Live albums

    Time & Love (2002)
    Love Parade (2005)
    Today Is Our Valentine's Day (2008)


    Ice Kacang Puppy Love (2010)
    My Queen (2009)
    Where's the Dragon? (2015)
    Morning Express (2017)
    Morning Express II (2018)


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