Tan Weiwei 譚維維 is a female Chinese singer and actress. 

Interesting Facts:

Name: Tan Weiwei 譚維維, Sitar Tan
Birthday: October 8, 1982
Birthplace: Yongnianzhen, Zigong, China
Height: 5′ 7″
Education: Sichuan Conservatory of Music
Albums: Tan Moumou, Ear of the World, A Tortoise Called Achilles
Years active: 2006–present
Genres: Mandopop, Rock, Folk
Labels:    EE-Media


    "If I Haven’t Fell Into Love" (如果我没有爱过)(September 2006)
    "I forgot to say" (我忘了说) (January 2008)
    "Encounter" (遇见) (August 2010)
    "In the Shu river" (在束河里) (October 2010)


    Chengdu, I Love You (2009)
    East Meets West 2011 (2011)
    Secret Garden (2012)
    Forget All Remember (2014)
    Love Education (2017)

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