Ada Zhuang 庄心妍 / 莊心妍 is a female Chinese C-pop singer who started her music career in 2012. Since then, she has been gaining popularity in Mainland China and her albums have been also released also in Taiwan and Hong Kong. In 2018, Zhuang signed under the Beijing based label Horgos Xingtong Space Culture Media, where she released her eleventh album and her following single releases. 


  • Name: Ada Zhuang, 莊心妍 / 庄心妍 / Zhuāng xīn yán
  • Birthday: 9 January 1993
  • Birthplace: Lufeng, Guangdong, China
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Occupation: singer-songwriter
  • Years active: 2007-present
  • Genres: C-pop (both Mandopop, Cantopop and Hokkien pop), C-rock
  • Instruments: Vocals, Guitar
  • Labels: Zhili Music, Ocean Butterflies


Studio albums

    Ten thousand regrets (一萬個捨不得) (2013)
    I've been thinking (一直想著他) (2013)
    Crossroad songs (錯愛情歌) (2014)
    I know (我知道) (2014)
    Compassion (好可惜) (2014)
    I don't want to decide (不想做決定) (2015)
    Leave me (放過自己) (2015)
    Maybe I'm waiting (我也許在等候) (2015)
    I do my best (做最好的我) (2016)
    I Choice between two options (精心妍选2无可取代) (2016)
    How good is love (爱能有多好) (2018)


    Heart and soul
    Ten thousand regrets (一万个舍不得)
    It's not really easy (真的不容易)
    Prisoners of love (爱囚)
    Two people remember one person (兩個人的回憶一個人過)
    Some flowers bloom and others shatter (Hokkien version of "Two people remember one person")
    Stardom (繁星点点)
    I can't stand any longer (时间长了受不了)
    Visionary (幻想家)
    Love in stock (填密爱)
    You are my treasure (你是我宝)
    Love pieces (爱的筹码)
    Distrust (多么舍不得)
    Say goodbye (说再见就好)
    Goodbye is just a stranger(再見只是陌生人)


Ada Zhuang:"Ten thousand regrets"
"Ada Zhuang:"Let go of yourself"".
Ada Zhuang:The first concert ended
Ada Zhuang:Shijiazhuang concert ended
"一萬個捨不得 (鐵盒珍藏)".
"Hao Ke Xi".
"Maybe I'm Waiting".
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