Lu Hu 陸虎 is male Chinese pop singer, film actor, songwriter, composer and music producer in Mainland China.

Interesting Facts: 

Name: Lu Hu 陸虎, Land Rover, LT, Tokichi 
Birthday: April 24, 1986
Birthplace: Zhoukou City, Henan Province, China
Country of Citizenship: China 
People: Han nationality 
Zodiac sign: Taurus 
Blood type: O type 
Height: 176cm 
Weight: 62kg 
Occupation(s): Singer, actor, songwriter, composer, producer 

Representative work:
    Single GO , message , taste of summer , sound of snow falling , mom and dad go to work, I go to kindergarten , sword injury 

Major achievements:
    2004 National Academy of the Star Academy
    Shining new anchors in the National Top 9 in 2005
    2007 Happy Male Changsha Singing District Champion
    13th National Happy Boys in 2007
    "Flower House Night" Best Musician of the Year 2019 

TV Series Theme Songs

    Love Test (恋爱测试) - Ten Years Late (2019)
    Fool on the Clouds (云上的傻瓜) - Love and Destiny (2019)
    Moonrise (月出) - The Legend of Haolan (2019)
    Evolving Feathers (化羽) - The Legend of Haolan (2019)
    Look (看) - Story of Yanxi Palace (2018)
    The Sound of Snow Falling (雪落下的声音) - Story of Yanxi Palace (2018)
    Jiangnan Hatred (江南恨) - Untouchable Lovers (2018)
    Pinky's Promise (拉过勾的) - Home, Sweet Home (2014)
    Everything (所有) - Strands of Love (2010)

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