• Movie Title: Big Shots 大人物
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: 2019


The ups and downs and changes of the entertainment industry in the past ten years have been planned by the intellectuals to become a Vanity Fair full of unique interests. In this seemingly colourful circles, all kinds of people with all kinds of addictions play different roles. The ebb and flow, everyone has to pay and gain, everyone thinks that they'll be the main protagonist of Vanity Fair in the very end. But was there ever a real 'winner' in this Vanity Fair to begin with?

In this short movie, there's a hotel called "GQ Big Brand", and Xu Zheng is the owner of the hotel. This hotel will only accept 'big shots' who meet their standards, with the so-called standards being the extreme obsessions of these 'big shots' that are ready to be observed by the public eye.



  • Cai Xukun aka KUN 
  • Deng Lun
  • Dong Li
  • Jing Bo Ran
  • Li Bing Bing
  • Li Xian
  • Shawn Qu
  • Song Jia
  • Wang Yi Bo
  • Angelababy
  • Zhu Yi Long



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