Deng Lun (邓伦/鄧倫) is a Chinese actor. He gained widespread popularity with the xianxia romance drama Ashes of Love (2018). 


  •     Name: 邓伦 / Deng Lun
  •     Profession: Actor
  •     Birthday: 1992-Oct-21
  •     Birthplace: Hebei, China
  •     Height: 184 cm
  •     Weight: 74 kg
  •     Star sign: Libra
  •     Chinese zodiac: Monkey
  •     Blood type: AB
  •     Education: Shanghai Theatre Academy

TV Series

    Skate Into Love (2020, cameo)
    Blossom in Heart (2019) as Lang Yuexuan
    Mr. Fighting (2019) as Hao Zeyu
    My True Friend (2019) as Shao Pengcheng
    The Investiture of the Gods (2019) as Zixu
    Ashes of Love (2018) as Xu Feng
    Sweet Dreams (2018) as Bo Hai
    Princess Agents (2017) as Xiao Ce (Guest)
    White Deer Plain (2017) as Lu Yaohai
    Ode to Joy 2 (2017) as Xie Tong
    Because of You (2017) as Li Yunkai
    Magic Star (2017) as Lord Xiaoran (Guest)
    Promise of Migratory Birds (2016) as Liu Qianren
    Graduation Season 毕业季 (post-production) as An Jingchen
    Ran Qing Da Di 燃情大地 (post-production) as Ma Chuxi
    Dai Jia Lao Ba (2015) as Su Da
    Love Upper Lot (2015) as Sun Xiaofei
    Moment in Peking (2014) as Yao Difei
    Flowers in Fog (2013) as Xu Hao


    Onmyoji (2020)


    Waiting For Love (等爱) - Blossom in Heart (2019)
    Suddenly I Wanna Love You (突然想爱你) - Mr. Fighting (2019)
    Unparalleled in the World (天地无霜) - Ashes of Love (2018)
    Unparalleled in the World (天地无霜) with Yang Zi - Ashes of Love (2018)
    Flowers Stay Silent (花不语) - Sweet Dreams (2018)
    Love What I Love (爱我所爱) - Ode to Joy 2 (2017)
    The Sky is Dark (天已黑) - Ode to Joy 2 (2017)


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