Neo Hou 侯明昊, Hou Ming Hao is a Chinese male singer and actor under BG Talent. He was a former SM Entertainment trainee in 2012.

Weibo: 侯明昊Neo
Studio Weibo: 侯明昊Neo工作室
Instagram: houminghao

Interesting Facts:
Name: Neo Hou 侯明昊, Hou Ming Hao, Liang Liang (梁梁)
Birthday: August 03, 1997
Birthplace: Beijing, China
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Education: Beijing Contemporary Music Academy
Occupation: Singer, actor
Agency: BG Talent 黑金经纪
– He owns a Shiba Inu dog named Monkey.
– He is afraid of disturbing others.
– He admits his memory isn’t good.
– He has a good alcohol tolerance.
– In childhood, he was taking vocal lessons, mainly bel canto singing in tenor.
– He lived with his grandparents in Fengtai District, Beijing, China.
– He attended the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy.
– He doesn’t talk formally with his parents, they have a friend-like relation.
– He was a trainee under SM Entertainment in 2012 but he decided to come back to China because his mom had health problems and he preferred debuting here.
– While being in primary school he wanted to join a singing competition but his parents didn’t support this idea, so his singing coach paid his registration fee. In the end, he won a second-place.
– His grandma has Alzheimer and she remembers him only as a little kid so he doesn’t forget to call her, even while shooting dramas. He gets emotional talking about it.
– He showed interest in accordion at 4 years old and he started learning how to play it for 8 years.
– After coming back from school he helped his grandparents take care of the yard with fruit plants in front of their house.
– He debuted as a singer in a c-group FRESH極客少年團 also known as Fresh Geek Junior on October 13, 2014 and left in 2016 to pursue a solo career.
– On December 17, 2019 he won the “Fashion Icon Prize” at the IFENG Fashion Selection Award Ceremony.

TV Series
    Reading Class (2021) as Lu Xingchen
    I Am Just This Type of Girl‎ (2021) as Rong Xia
    A Chinese Ghost Story (2020) as Ning Caichen
    Haunted Houses Handbook (2020) as Jiang Shuo
    People's Property (2020) as Lin Xiaowei
    The Monkey King: Land of Beauty (2020) as Tang Seng
    The Lost Tomb 2: Explore with the Note (2019) as Wu Xie
    When We Were Young (2018) as Hua Biao
    Inference Notes (2017) as Mi Kaka
    Rakshasa Street (2017) as Bai Jingxuan
    Cambrian Period (2017) as Jian Zi

    Over Again (2019) as Gao Silin
    The Devotion of Suspect X (2017) as young Tang Chuan
    Angel Institute (2016) as Xiao Minghao
    Funny Soccer (2016) as Xiao Shuai
    Startled Bird (2016) as Su Niu

TV Series Theme Songs
    Meeting Again in the Future (后会有期) - The Lost Tomb 2: Explore with the Note (2019)
    Living Like Raging Wave (生如狂澜) with Cheng Yi & Zhang Bo Yu - The Lost Tomb 2: Explore with the Note (2019)
    When We Were Young (人不彪悍枉少年) - When We Were Young (2018)
    Companion (相伴) - When We Were Young (2018)
    In Youth (少年时) - When We Were Young (2018)
    Face Mask (脸谱) - Cambrian Period (2017)
    North East Direction (东南方) - Angel Institute (2016)
    Super Nanny Dad (超能奶爸) (2016)


    2019 iFeng Fashion Choice Awards: Fashion Figure of the Year
    2019 Madame Figaro Fashion Awards: Philanthropy Idol of the Year
    2019 Sina Fashion Awards: Youthful Idol of the Year
    2018 12th Tencent Video Star Awards: Most Promising TV Actor
    2018 15th Esquire China's Man At His Best Awards: Charity Ambassador of the Year
    2018 Weibo Award Ceremony: Improved Artist of the Year
    2017 Weibo TV Online Video Awards: New Actor Award
    2017 2nd Golden Guduo Media Awards: Most Popular Actor (Web series) - Cambrian Period
    2016 iFeng Fashion Choice Awards: Most Popular Icon
    2016 Fashion Up Night: Most Up Newcomer
    2016 FHM 12th Anniversary Night: Most Promising Newcomer
    2016 OK Magazine 4th Anniversary Award Ceremony: Most Popular New Generation Actor


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