• Drama Title: A Chinese Ghost Story 只问今生恋沧溟 
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date:  CANCELLED -rumour reason to be the female lead for this drama has been banned in China.
  • Episodes: 50


At the end of Tang Dynasty and the beginning of Song Dynasty, the scholar Ning caichen had no way for Imperial research. He studied at Lan Ruo Temple and fell in love with the little witch Nie Xiaoqian. Ning Caichen rescued the confused classmates of the devil. The demon world, discovered by the lock, Xiaoqian sacrificed herself to save Ning Caichen. After Ning Caichen escaped from Demon Realm, he suffered a lot of pain and led to the loss of memory. After the incident, he met a female teacher exactly like Xiao Qian. The two eliminated the spark and experienced hardship.


  •     Zheng Shuang as Nie Xiaoqian / Xiao Haha
  •     Hou Ming Hao as Ning Caichen
  •     Chen Zi Han as Ling Zun
  •     Li Chuan as Hei Shan
  •     Xia Ning Jun as Zhuge Tianyi
  •     Qiao Jun Da as Tushan Jiuming
  •     Xia Meng as Elder Xuan
  •     Xu Jia Man as Qiong Tu
  •     Fu Jia
  •     Qin Lang
  •     Ma Da Bao as Heavenly Battle Holy Feather
  •     Guo Dong Hai as Jue Yuan



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