Mrs. GREEN APPLE アルバム is a Japanese band. The band consist of five members and they debuted in 2015 under EMI Records.  The band is well known for their song that they used for the ending theme song for a Japanese anime series Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V. Their bass guitarist Takumi Matsuo left in 2014 and was replaced by Kiyokatsu Takano.

Origin: Tokyo, Japan (2013)
Record label: EMI Records
Members: Motoki Omori, Ayaka Yamanaka, Hiroto Wakai, Ryoka Fujisawa, Kiyokazu Takano
Genres: J-pop, Alternative rock, Indie pop, Pop rock, Hard rock
Years active: 2013–present
Labels: EMI Records (2015–present)


  • Motoki Omori (vocals, guitar)
  • Hiroto Wakai (guitar)
  • Ayaka Yamanaka (drums)
  • Ryoka Fujisawa (keyboard)
  • Kiyokazu Takano (bass)

Past members:

  • Takumi Matsuo (bass)


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