Luo Jin (罗晋) is a Chinese actor. He made his acting debut in the 2003 on the drama "The Showroom Tales".


  • Birthplace: Tonggu, Yichun, Jiangxi, China
  • Height: 181 cm
  • Weight: 68 kg
  • Family: Wife/actress Tiffany Tang (m. 2018)@(Vienna Austria)
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Chinese zodiac: Rooster
  • Education: Beijing Film Academy (2002-2006)
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Active Years: 


TV Series:

    Your Home Is My Business (2020) as Xu Wenchang
    Royal Nirvana (2019) as Xiao Dingquan
    The Investiture of the Gods (2019) as Yang Jian
    Behind The Scenes (2019) as Chun Yuqiao
    The Way We Were (2018) as Shu Che
    My Story for You (2018) as Zhang Changgong
    Love's Lies (2018) as Jin Yuan
    The Princess Weiyoung (2016) as Tuoba Jun
    The Door (2016) as Sun Xin (Cameo)
    Narrow Road (2015) as Tang Yumian
    Robber 枪侠 (2015) as Ma Long
    My Three Fathers (2015) as Ning Wuyuan
    Diamond Lover (2015) as Lei Yiming
    Cosmetology High (2014) as Di Jiang
    Ten Rides of Red Army (2014) as Gao Fuxing
    Good Wife 101 (2014) as Tong Xiaoqi
    Me and My Amazing Grandma (2014) as Gou Wa
    Lend me Your Hands 错放你的手 (2014) as Yuan Kun
    Love's Discussion 爱的相对论 (2013) as Yuan Ye
    Weaning (2013) as Wu Zhonglin
    Agent X (2013) as He Junfeng
    A Beauty in Troubled Times (2012) as Chong Yang
    Beauties of the Emperor (2012) as Liu Bang
    Little Cabbage Unique Case 小白菜奇案 (2012) as Lin Gongshu (cameo)
    Mu Guiying Takes Command (2012) as Yang Songbao
    Hidden Intention (2011) as Zhou Tianqi
    Beauty World (2011) as Ji Dapeng (cameo)
    Far Away The Eagle (2011) as Wu Haiwen
    A Cheng of Genesis (2011) as A Cheng / Wang Ronghua
    Marriage Code 婚姻密码 (2011) as Wang Yi
    Three Kingdoms (2010) as Liu Xie
    Beauty's Rival in Palace (2010) as Liu Ying
    Beautiful Southern (2008) as Chen Qiming
    Dream Heaven 梦幻天堂 (2008) as Chen Zibu
    Forever Justice 正义永恒 (2008) as Yu Min
    The Eyes of War 战争目光 (2008) as Yuan Gao
    The Showroom Tales 售楼处的故事 (2003) as A Li (cameo)


    Traces (2019) as Wang Dong
    Endless Summer (2019) as Zhao Yan
    Once Upon a Time (2017) as Zhe Yan
    Xuan Zang (2016) as Li Chang
    Good Morning My Love (2010) as Wang Hai
    River on Air (2010) as Lu Yang
    Biutiful (2010) as Li Wei
    Fujian Blue (2007) as A Long


    Heavenly Gift (天赋) with Tiffany Tang - The Princess Weiyoung (2016)
    If I Promise You (如果我答应你) - Diamond Lover (2015)
    Another Half (另一半) - Good Wife 101 (2014)
    Separation (离合) - Agent X (2013)
    Love Won't Regret (爱不后悔) - A Beauty in Troubled Times (2012)
    Using a Lifetime to Reminisce (用一生回忆) with Tiffany Tang - A Beauty in Troubled Times (2012)


In 2007, Luo starred in the film Fujian Blue (2007) which won the Dragons and Tigers Award and the 2007 Vancouver International Film Festiva.

2010 was considered Luo's breakout year.  He first gained attention for his portrayal of Emperor Xian of Han in the acclaimed historical drama Three Kingdoms (2010), directed by Gao Xixi. Thereafter, his popularity increased after starring in palace drama Beauty's Rival in Palace (2010), where he played a Han-dynasty Emperor who sacrificed himself for love. The same year, he starred in the Mexican-Spanish film Biutiful, portraying a gay couple with Javier Bardem. The film was invited to the Cannes Film Festival.

This was followed up with starring roles in dramas such as war drama Far Away the Eagle (2011), historical dramas Mui Guiying Takes Command (2012), and Beauties of the Emperor (2012), and spy drama Agent X (2013); which showcased his acting versatility and helped raise his recognition in China. In 2014, he won the Most Popular Actor award at the China Student Television Festival for his performance in the war drama Ten Rides of Red Army.

Luo successfully broke into the mainstream with his performance in the television series Diamond Lover (2015) and The Princess Weiyoung (2016), both co-starring Tiffany Tang. Luo also has supporting roles in the biopic film Xuan Zang (2016) and fantasy romance film Once Upon a Time (2017); which led to him winning the Most Anticipated Actor at the Weibo Movie Awards Ceremony.

Following a two-year hiatus, Luo made his small screen comeback in 2017 with crime drama Love's Lies, followed by romance dramas The Way We Were and My Story for You.

In 2019, Luo starred in the workplace drama Behind The Scenes as a television producer; and played the role of Yang Jian in fantasy drama The Gods. The same year, Luo starred in the historical political drama Royal Nirvana. Luo ranked 48th on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list.

In 2020, Luo is set to star in the workplace slice-of-life drama Your Home Is My Business as a genius analyst who became a manager of a real estate office.

***He has his own agency/company called Luo Jin Studio.
***On 6 December 2016, Luo confirmed his relationship with actress Tiffany Tang. In October 2018, Luo and Tang were married in Vienna, Austria.


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