Drama Title: A Land So Rich in Beauty 江山如此多娇
Origin: China
Release Date: Jan 10, 2021
Episodes: 30


The per capita arable land in Wanmixi Village is less than 6 points, there are no other resources to use, and the transportation is difficult. For hundreds of years, the "poor root" and "poor hat" have not been removed. In 2015, the arrival of Puquansheng, the deputy mayor of Shixi Town, Biancheng County, who can speak Miao and Tujia dialects, gradually changed the situation of Wanmixi Village. Under the leadership of the party, Pu Quansheng made good use of the "precision poverty alleviation" policy, starting with the village cadres who accurately identify and deal with "excellent relatives and close friends". At the same time, it also stimulated the endogenous motivation of the people in Wanmixi Village to "fight for dignity". In the battle against poverty, Pu Quansheng led the masses to play the self-reliance spirit of repairing the reservoir in the past, and did not wait to rebuild the slopes on the Jinniu Mountain. The industrialization of tea was completed that year; while the village was out of poverty, he also reap his happy life.



  • Luo Jin as Pu QuanSheng
  • Mabel Yuan as ShaQu
  • Shen Meng Chen 沈梦辰 as Xiang Xi Mei



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