Elaine, Kim Ju Eun (일레인)  is a female Korean singer and songwriter in South Korea. She grabbed the attention of music fans with her guitar on stage. She has a clear, sweet,  and exotic voice. She began releasing full-length album collections in the Fall of 2018, yet before that she has performed singles, songs for movies, dramas, and music for commerical use. She acquired a lot of fame and popularity when she was featured on the TV show "I Can See Your Voice."

Interesting Facts:

Birth Name: Kim Ju Eun
Birthday / Place:     November 09, 1994 / Seoul, Korea
Debut:     September 15, 2014
Education: Department of Practical Music, Howon University
Height: 164 cm
-KPOP Star 6 appearance
-17 CJ tuneups
-Mr. Sunshine OST part2 "Sad March" 
-Record labels: InstinctiveSounds, Elaine
-Genres: Ballad, Folk Pop, K-Pop


Albums & Singles: 
1 to 2    1 Album (2018)
Falling    1 Album (2018)
I Apologise    1 Album (2018)
I Want You    1 Album (2018)
Promise (feat. 유누)    천상의 약속 OST Part.9 OST (2016)
Promise (Inst.)    천상의 약속 OST Part.9 OST (2016)
Psycho    1 Album (2018)
Raindrops    1 Album (2018)
Untitled    1 Album (2018)
Wake Me Up    Wake Me Up Single (2018)
Won't You Stay    Won't You Stay Single (2015)
Won't You Stay (inst.)    Won't You Stay Single (2015)
깜빡    1 Album (2018)
Daydream    알함브라 궁전의 추억 OST Part.2 OST (2018)
알함브라 궁전의 추억 OST OST (2019)
백일몽 (Inst.)
Daydream    알함브라 궁전의 추억 OST Part.2 OST (2018)
슬픈 행진 (Sad March)    미스터 션샤인 OST Part.2 OST (2018)
죽어도 좋아    1 Album (2018)
취한사람    1 Album (2018)

연애의 발견 OST Part.5
(Discovery of Romance OST Part.5)
September 2014
천상의 약속 OST Part.9
(The Promise OST Part.9)
April 2016
미스터 션샤인 OST Part.2
(Mr. Sunshine OST Part.2)
July 2018

알함브라 궁전의 추억 OST Part.2
(Memories Of The Alhambra OST Part.2)
December 2018

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