Wang Hedi  (王鹤棣 -Korean:Wang Hak-che 왕학체), also known as Dylan Wang, is a Chinese actor, singer and model. He is best known for his first leading role as Daoming Si in the 2018 TV series Meteor Garden, which propelled him to fame in China and throughout Asia.

Dylan Wang is under M.Y. Entertainment for acting and under Sony Music Entertainment as a singer.


  • Name: Dylan Wang, Wang Hedi  (王鹤棣)
  • Birthday: December 12, 1998
  • Birthplace: Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
  • Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
  • Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs)
  • Education: Sichuan Southwest College of Civil Aviation (Dylan WangFlight Attendant studies)
  • Chinese zodiac sign: Tiger
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Occupation: actor, model
  • Years Active: 2016-present


– Favorite color: Blue.
– He joined the entertainment industry after participating in a reputed program which was sponsored by many universities called ‘Sichuan Campus Red Festival (四川校园红人盛典)’.  Since then he was featured in various commercials. Prior to this, he was additionally a poster model for admissions and the professional image spokesperson for flight attendants at his university.
– In 2016, he won first place of Youku’s singing show ‘Super Idol’.
– His breakthrough acting debut was in 2018 Meteor Garden adaption as Daoming Si.
– He appeared as a cast member in the second season of Chinese variety show ‘The Inn 2’.
– Along with some of his Meteor Garden co-stars he performed a diversity of songs and music videos for the drama’s official soundtrack which is also available on Spotify.
– He has been featured in the women’s magazine ‘Harper’s Bazaar China’.
– In 2017, Wang and fellow actor Chen Youwei appeared as the youth ambassador for the ‘China tour de France’.
– His attractive looks have gained him lots of popularity and female fan following.
– He is very active on Chinese creating/sharing short videos media app TikTok.
– During a snippet of his chatting with Jackson Wang (GOT7) he asked him why his English is so good. Jackson replied that it’s because he went to an international school. Dylan then jokingly supported that his English is also good when he has said many times before that he is actually not good at English.
– His talent agency released a statement against his obsessive fans warning that they would be taking legal actions if they don’t remove Dylan’s online leaked private information. (March 25, 2019)


-Meteor Garden as Dao Ming Si(2018, alongside Guan Hong, Jing Kang and Caesar Wu)
-2020 Ever Night 2 Ning Que and The National Southwestern University and Us
TV programs
National Games (Tencent, 2019)
The Inn: 2 (2018)
Phanta City(2018)
Super Idol: 3 (2017)
Happy Camp (1997) (Ep. 1044)
2016- Sichuan Campus Red Festival


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