Bai Lu 白鹿, Bai Meng Yan 白梦妍 is a Chinese actress and model. Before becoming a model and actress, she tried out SM Entertainment audition in Korea in 1994 but failed. In 2015, she debuted by starting in a series of short films producted by Cattree studio. Now she is starring as main female lead for many well loved Chinese dramas.

She won the Most Popular Young Actress at the Global Diplomat China Culture Night in 2022.


  •     Profession: Actress and model
  •     Birthdate: 1994-Sep-23 (age 25)
  •     Birthplace: Jiangsu, China
  •     Height: 165cm
  •     Weight: 47kg
  •     Agency: Huanyu Film

TV Series

    Imperial Cuisine (2021) as Yao Zijin
    Yu Lou Chun (2021) as Lin Shaochun
    Love Is Sweet (2020) as Jiang Jun
    Jiu Liu Overlord (2020) as Long Aoyi
    The Monkey King: Land of Beauty (2020) as Wu Shuang
    Zhaoge (2020) as Deng Chanyu
    Lucky's First Love (2019) as Xing Yun
    Arsenal Military Academy (2019) as Xie Xiang
    The Legends (2019) as Lu Zhaoyao
    Untouchable Lovers (2018) as Huo Xuan / Le Yan
    King Is Not Easy (2017) as Dan Xi


    Want To Be With You (想和你一起) - Lucky's First Love (2019)
    Entering a Dream (入梦) - Arsenal Military Academy (2019)
    Feng Qiu Huang (凤囚凰) - Untouchable Lovers (2018)
    Subordinate Takes Order (小的听令) - King Is Not Easy (2017)


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