Ayunga 阿云嘎 / 阿雲嘎 is a male Mongolian , Chinese mainland singer, film and television actor and musical actor . He graduated from the Music Theatre Department of Beijing Dance Academy . In 2014, he participated in Anhui Satellite TV " Mr. Super " and made his debut as the Xie Na team champion and the national championship. 



  • English name: Ayanga
  • Country of Citizenship: People's Republic of China
  • Nation: Mongolian
  • Birthday: October 23, 1989
  • Birthplace: Ordos, Inner Mongolia , China
  • Occupation: Singer , actor
  • Education: alma mater- Department of Music Theatre, Beijing Dance Academy
  • Genre: Pop, Musical, Ethnic, Bel Canto
  • Record company: Aikimu Music
  • Agency: Aikimu Music
  • Related groups:
    Mr. Super
    China is listening
    Sound popular


-In 2014, he participated in the competition of the CCTV-3 music reality show " China is Listening " and finally won the national final season. 
-Participated in Hunan Satellite TV's new form of vocal singing show " Sound Into the Heart " in 2018. Among the 36 members, he became one of the final six chiefs, and formed a "Vocal Boy " with Zheng Yunlong , Ju Hongchuan and Cai Chengyu Kick-off singers selected by the group participated in Hunan Satellite TV music competition show " Singer 2019 ".



  • "Yoshiya Rental"
  • "Mamma Mia"
  • "Overpass"
  • Kunlun Myth
  • Avanti TRIVIA
  • 2017 My Last Wish List
  • 2017 Love in Alz Memor

Film and television

TV series

  • 2016 "Spirit" (Internet drama) as Lin Chenyu
  • 2019 `` Life Started on Me 2 '' (Internet Drama)
  • "Father's Prairie Mother's River" to be aired as Namuhai

Variety show

  • Hebei Satellite TV "Chinese Good Folk Song"
  • Anhui Satellite TV "Mr. Super" "Very Quiet Distance"
  • CCTV-3 " China is Listening " "Internet Spring Festival Gala"
  • CCTV-15 "Let's Music" "International Love Song Confluence"
  • Inner Mongolia Satellite TV "Mongolian Spring Festival Evening"
  • Hunan Satellite TV " Voice Into the Heart "
  • Hunan Satellite TV `` Singer 2019 ''


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