• Drama Title: Zichuan 紫川/ The King of Light in Zichuan 紫川
  • Origin: China
  • Episodes: 24
  • Release Date: 2021


In the future, human beings will continue to explore and find a survivable world beyond the earth. "Saiya" sent back the message that a "Planet of Light" was found very close to the earth three thousand light-years ago, but lost contact afterwards. After eight failed attempts, mankind took the baby who was bred from the genes of the captain of Saiya and embarked on the final journey. The starship was destroyed, but the baby accidentally succeeded and landed on the Planet of Light. He was adopted and named Zi Chuan Xiu. The Planet of Light has been at war for thousands of years, and the once beautiful mountains and rivers have been destroyed. The most powerful Zi Chuan family joined hands with the Liu Feng and the Lin family, to contend with the Senegal Tribe, and finally ushered in a short period of peace. However, this fragile peace was soon destroyed by the Senegians, and war was rekindled. Zi Chuan Xiu and his three friends, De Lin and Si Te Lin joined forces to end the war on the Planet of Light and usher in permanent peace. However, they did not expect a new round of conspiracy, which dealt a devastating blow to the Planet of Light. With the help of friends, Zi Chuan Xiu reintegrated the army, quelled the internal strife and external troubles, and decided to lead everyone back to Planet Earth.


  • William Yang as Zi Chuan Xiu
  • Liu Yu Ning as De Lin
  • Zhang Ming En as Si Te Lin
  • Li Mo Zhi as Zi Chuan Ning



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