• Drama Title: Liao Bu Qi De Wo Men 了不起的我们
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date: 2023
  • Episode: 40


In order to be independent from the family, the pampered and pampered Yang Jiajia accepted the test proposed by her father to be a community volunteer for six months. Yang Jiajia happened to be in a group with Liu Weimin, a retired cadre. Liu Weimin often regarded himself as a master and taught Yang Jiajia how to do things in every detail. Yang Jiajia doesn't like Liu Weimin's "antique school" style, and Liu Weimin doesn't like Yang Jiajia's style. The two compete with each other and have frequent conflicts. But through volunteer actions again and again, Liu Weimin learned efficient ways of doing things from Yang Jiajia and regained the long-lost family ties; Yang Jiajia also gradually discovered that Liu Weimin is kind and sincere. Fulfilling the responsibilities of volunteers, the two masters and apprentices led the volunteers to dedicate themselves to their work. After being honored as an outstanding community volunteer, Yang Jiajia decided to stay in the community and succeed Liu Weimin to continue to fulfill the ordinary but great mission of volunteers.



  • Guan Xiao Tong as Yang Jiajia
  • Yu Qian as Yang Kai
  • Yan Zi Dong as Liu Zihua
  • Zhang Ke Ying


  • Wang Xun
  • Xu Zi Li
  • Wang Ji
  • Zuo Xiao Qing
  • He Ming Han

Production Credits

  • Director: Li Xuan (李轩)



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