Drama Title: Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄
Also Known As: Say Hero Who is Hero , Shuo Ying Xiong Shei Shi Ying Xiong
Origin: China
Release Date: 2021
Episodes: 40


The story of a kind-hearted youth named Wang Xiaoshi, and the adventures he experienced after traveling down the mountain. During his journey, he meets and befriends several like-minded peers such as Bai Choufei, Wen Rou, Su Mengzhen and Lei Chun. In the complicated world of Jianghu, he gradually matures from a muddled youth into a hero of his generation.



  • Joseph Zeng Shun Xi as Wang Xiaoshi
  • Yang Chao Yue as Wen Rou
  • Liu Yu Ning as Bai Choufei
  • Zoey Meng Zi Yi as Lei Chun
  • Baron Chen as Su Mengzhen


  • Kris Sun Zu Jun as Fang Yingkan
  • Gallen Lo as Prime Minister Cai


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