• Drama Title: Cicada Girls 五光十色的我们
  • AKA: Colorful Us
  • Origin: China
  • Release Date:  2025
  • Episodes: 40


Zhi Nu was originally the son of Kuai Duo, the Imperial Astronomer of Da Yong. However, on one fateful night, Zhi Nu's entire family was wiped out. He held off on revenge and began learning architecture and political strategy. Ten years later, he returned to the capital under the pseudonym Zang Hai and greeted his enemy, Marquis Ping Jin. In order to gain Marquis Ping Jin's trust, Zang Hai solved many difficult problem such as the joint burial of the emperor and empress.

Afterwards, Zang Hai stepped into court and became the new Imperial Astronomer. He made careful preparations to bring Marquis Ping Jin and all the others who were involved in the murder of his family to justice. At the same time, Grand Secretary Shi Huai Shan wanted to launch a war to eliminate the Dongxia Kingdom and other neighboring countries.

In order to protect the country and its people, Zang Hai, Zhuang Zhi Xing, Xiang Wen Yan, and others try to stop Shi Huai Shan and resolve the war between Da Yong and the other countries.



  • Olivia Wang as Liao Xi
  • LIu Yuning as Xiao Bei
  • Vengo Gao as Lao Gong
  • Jason Koo as Ah Xiu
  • Una You as Yu He
  • Huang Ziqi as Luan Luan



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