“Sweet John” is inspired by the term “Dear John Letter” which is a gesture of ending a romantic relationship. Sweet John is famous for their lively Bagatelle-music style, moreover, their music is as gentle as a steady monologue. Continuing Natural Outcome’s 5-man structure and its perfect handling of melody, the band mixes a wide range of instruments with elements from various music styles creating their own unique style.

Sweet John (甜約翰) has already gone viral among the young generation in Taiwan. They were nominated for "Band of the Year" during this year's Golden Melody Awards.

Facebook: @sweetjohnband

Youtube: SweetJohn甜約翰

Formed: 2011, Tainan, Taiwan

Members: 浚瑋 (vocals), Mandark (keyboards), 罐頭 (guitar), 阿獎 (bass), J (drums)


  • Dear (2017)
  • 城市小說選集 (2019)


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