Sandaime J Soul Brothers, 3JSB, 三代目JSB
J Soul Brothers III, The Third J Soul Brothers,J Soul Brothers, J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe,    JSB, J Soul is an all boys Japanese band group formed in 1998 managed by LDH and signed under Avex Group.  The J Soul Brothers spawned three generations, with their most recognizable lineup being its third generation, the Sandaime J Soul Brothers. 


  • Origin: Tokyo, Japan
  • Genres: J-pop, dance, R&B, electronic, EDM, Rock
  • Years active: 1998–2001; 2007–present; 2010- present (for Sandaime J soul Brothers)
  • Labels: Rhythm Zone, LDH
  • Associated acts: Exile The Second from Exile Exile Tribe Afrojack






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