• Stage Name: Kobayashi Naoki (小林直己)
  • Birth Name: Kobayashi Naoki (小林直己)
  • Position: Leader, Performer
  • Birthday: November 10, 1984
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Height: 185 cm (6’0″)
  • Blood Type: O



-Naoki was announced as J Soul Brothers’ leader on July 19th 2010. Naoki & NAOTO have been leaders since the formation of the group.
-Naoki, Hiroomi & Takanori are apart of the groups special unit THE Sharehappi from Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE.
-He is a member of the group EXILE.
-Naoki was a member of the second generation J Soul Brothers’ (Nidaime J Soul Brothers) (2007-2009).
-Naoki dreamed of being a performer since highschool.
-He is born in Inzai, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.
-He attended EXPG in Tokyo & was a student at Avex Artist Academy.
-Naoki joined RAG POUND in July 2016 after he met AKIRA from EXILE.
-Naoki is a model.
-Naoki made his acting debut in 2007 with Gekidan EXILE’s play ‘Taiyou ni Yakarete’.
-He also appeared on the drama ‘Ishi Mondai Nashinosuke’ in December 2014.
-In June 2016, Naoki appeared on the runway for the brand ‘Yohji Yamamoto’ for their ‘Yohji Yamamoto HOMME 2017 SS Paris Collection’ in Paris.
-He starred in the movie ‘TATARA SAMURI’ in 2017. He won Best Supporting Actor.
-Naoki starred alongside Alicia Vikander & Riley Keough in Wash Westmoreland’s film ‘Earthquake Bird’ based of Susanna Jones’ novel of the same name. The film was released in fall 2019.
-On January 25th 2012 Naoki had to halt all activities because he developed spinal stenosis. He underwent a surgery & took three months for treatment/recovery. He resumed activities on April 14th 2012.
-He went by the stage name NAOKI from 2007-2014, he now goes by his birth name.
-On January 1st 2017 he was assigned a position as staff of LDH USA.


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