One Promise's members Wendy, Tianheng and Sora met in the same middle school and formed the predecessor of the band Empty in 2002. Anton joined in 2013. Once released the album "IT'S TIME TO...", there was originally a guitarist named Jia Ming, and then Li Ji. The four also have deputy positions outside the band; they changed their name to ONE PROMISE after signing with a record company 


  • Name: One Promise
  • Origin: Hong Kong
  • Debut date: 2002
  • Record company: Brave Nusic; Universal Music
  • Debut work: "One Step" (2019)



  1. Wendy (vocal)
  2. Sora (bass guitarist)
  3. Anton (drummer)
  4. Tianheng (guitarist)


  1. Jia Ming
  2. Li Ji



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