Jasper Liu 劉以豪 is a Taiwanese male actor, model and musician. He is a guitarist for a Taiwanese Indie Band Morning Call 輕晨電.


  • Name: 劉以豪 / Liu Yi Hao
  • English name: Jasper Liu / Ryu
  • Also Known As: Max Liu (His previous English name that he stopped using.)
  • Birthday: 1986-Aug-12
  • Birthplace: Taiwan
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 68 kg
  • Star sign: Leo
  • Blood type: A
  • Family: Cousin/actor Xie Cheng Jun
  • Education: Da Yeh University Visual Communication Design Major
  • Profession: Actor, model, guitarist of Taiwanese Indie Band Morning Call 輕晨電


TV Series

    Use For My Talent (2021) as Gu Renqi
    Twelve Legends (Youku, 2020) as Jin Xingjian
    Triad Princess (Netflix, 2019) as Xu Yi Hang
    Before We Get Married (GTV, 2019) as Chu Ke Huan
    My Goddess (IQiyi Taiwan/TTV/ETTV, 2018) as Yan Dong Ming
    My Bittersweet Taiwan (ZJTV, 2017) as Lin Qing Wen
    Mary Sue & Jack Sue (IQIYi, 2017) as Su Zhi Huan
    Lost? Me Too: Chloe(LINE TV, 2016) as Luo Shao Yang (Rex)
    When I See You Again (TTV, 2015) as Xia You Qian
    I Am Sorry, I Love You (Youku/Tudou, 2015) as Ling Hong Pei
    Pleasantly Surprised (SETTV, 2014) as Louis / Fu Zi Jie
    Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo 2014 (NTV, 2014) as Chen Jian Long
    Wo Ai Ni Ai Ni Ai Wo (FTV, 2013) as Sky / Luo Jia He
    The Patisserie with No Name (PTS, 2013) as Allen / Hou Yan Ren
    Confucius (CTV, 2012) as Zheng Yuan Bin
    Once Upon a Love (GTV, 2012) cameo ep 14 as Tian Xiang Yi
    In Time With You (FTV, 2011) as Zhao Mei Nan
    Mo Nu 18 Hao (CTS, 2009) cameo


    More Than Blue / 比悲傷更悲傷的故事 (2018)
    Take Me To The Moon / 帶我去月球 (2017)
    Second Chance / 逆轉勝 (2014)
    Live@Love / 活路:妒忌私家偵探社 (2014)
    Sex AGoGo / 72小時莎到你 (2013)

Short Films

    My Beauty Diary Mask: Diary God / 我的美麗日記 日記男神篇 (2017)
    Timeless KOTOHIRA: Taiwan Version / 日本琴平町 宣傳影片 台灣篇 (2017)
    Master Kong's Classic Milk Tea / 康師傅經典奶茶:神遊女孩變形計 (2014)
    Hsinchu Bride Wedding Story: Future Happiness / 新竹新娘物語婚紗:預見の幸福 (2012)
    Yi Li Milk Tablets: Girl Who Can't Speak / 伊利牛奶片:不說話的女孩 (2012)
    Laurel Love: About Love Temperature / 桂冠愛:關於愛情的溫度 (2011)
    Shih Hsin University 17th Annual Exhibition Movie: The Trip / 世新大學廣電系第17屆畢展短片:環島旅行 (2011)
    Da Yeh University Visual Communication Design Major: Male Swimmer / 大葉大學視覺傳達設計系 (2010)

Music Videos

    Emma Wu's MV for Always (2016)
    Lulu's MV for I Like You So Much (2016)
    Rainie Yang's MV for Dot Of Water (2014)
    Kimberley Chen's MV for Break Up To Show I Love You (2013)
    VOX's MV for Chocolate (2013)
    A-do's MV for Valentine's Day (2012)
    Abella Leung's MV for Good Person (2012)
    Lea Lin's MV for Silent Night (2011)
    Tanya Chua's MV for Letting Go (2011)
    Lara Veronin's MV for Everything (2010)
    Zhang Jing's MV for I Do Not Know (2009)

CF Works

    Hyundai Verna Car Series
    Shin Kong Mitsukoshi / 新光三越 週年慶 [01]
    Taiwan Beer Fruit Series / 台灣啤酒 水果系列 [01]
    Seiko ALBA Watches [01] [02]
    Mentholatum Men's Shampoo / 曼秀雷敦-男士洗髮精
    Kobayashi Spectacles / 小林眼鏡 [01] [02]
    FamilyMart Rody / 全家Rody - [01] [02] [03]
    BOC Group Life Assurance: Father and Son / 中銀集團人壽-父子篇
    Hey Song Fin / 黑松FIN [01] [02] [03]
    Laurel Bentos / 桂冠便當 [01] [02] [03] [04]
    PayEasy [01] [02] [03]

Longer list of CF Works

    2018 3rd Asia Artist Awards: Choice Award
    2016 Seoul International Drama Awards: Asia Star Award
    2018 Busan International Film Festival: Face of Asia Award



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