Baba (Ba.) and Yoshida (Dr.) used to play in another band until they met Mizuki (Vo.) by chance during a live tour in 2008. Captivated by Mizuki's voice, Baba, Yoshida and Mizuki began making music, songs, melodies and lyrics. Kuji later joined as a backup guitarist. They became 'ITSUE' in September 2010.

Mizuki's melodious voice is sung to the backdrop of electronic beats mixed with the sound of three Japanese men. Dramatic and dark, beautiful, soft, solitary, strong, agitato, all mixed together to form ITSUE.


  • Mizuki (瑞葵) - Vocals
  • Yohichiro Kuji (久慈陽一朗) - Guitar
  • Yoshiya Baba (馬場義也) - Bass
  • Daisuke Yoshida (吉田大祐) - Drums


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