GAI 周延, Zhou Yan is a Chinese male rapper, singer and songwriter. His name GAI means "lid" which was his childhood name for his bowl like hair cut. 


  • Name: GAI 周延, Zhou Yan
  • Birthday: March 22, 1988
  • Birthplace:  Gongxian, Yibin, China
  • Spouse: Wang Siran (m. 2018)
  • Occupation: Singer, rapper, songwriter
  • Active Years: 2015 - present
  • Record label: Gosh Music, Door Music


Ren Yi Li Zhi Xin (2016)
Singles and EPs

”Gangsta" (as B.K.G Gai) (2015)

“Daydreamer" (2015)

”Coin Robbery (featuring Tory as B.K.G Gai)" (2015)

“Zhanmadao (Masiwei Diss Back)" (2015)

“Ironman (featuring MX)" (2015)

”Supermacy (featuring Flowmatic)" (2015)

“Your daddy me got upset (featuring Kenzy)" (2015)

”Yan Ru Yu (featuring CJ BADA$$)" (2015)

"W.I.$.H" (2016)

"Empty Fort Strategy" (2016)

"Trash Talk" (2016)

"Paper (featuring CJ BADA$$)" (2016)

"Wandering Monk" (2016), a rap version of "Fake Monk" by Cui Jian

"Rainbow (featuring Bridge)" (2017)

"Hot Pot Soup" (2017)

"Hot Pot Soup (Korea Version)" (2017)

"Beware of Fire" (2017)

"Blue Sea Laughter" (2018), a rap version of "Blue Sea Laughter" by Sam Hui (1990)

"The Long River" (2018) with Damnshine (of C-BLOCK) & Bridge

"Firefly" (2018)

"The Great Wall"(2018)

"GAIn" (2017)
Featured in

I Wrote A Song And Got High on a Car (Tory Montana featuring GAI as B.K.G Gai) (2015)

Lovely Girl (3Bangz featuring GAI) (2015)

Guan Que Lou (B.Angelo featuring GAI) (2016)

The Flow Of Jiang-Hu(C-Block featuring GAI) (2017)

Chongqing Cypher(Tory, Bridge and GAI) (2017)

Under The Setting Sun (Yaksha featuring GAI and DJ WORDY) (2017)
Promotional singles

Guess Do I Guess (featuring Bridge) (2017)

King Advents (2017)

Call For Dream (2017)

How To Live Without Money (2017)[10] 


-In early days as underground rapper, he was leading his music label GO$H! 

-He helped create a type of Trap music called "C-Trap"

-His famous songs includes "Gangsta" (超社会 2015), "Empty Fort Strategy" (空城计 2016), "Hot Pot Soup" (火锅底料 2017).

-In 2017, GAI's music career began to boom after attending iQiyi's Hip-Hop reality show The Rap of China, and winning the contest.

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