Fang Xiao Dong 方晓东 is a Chinese male singer-actor and musical actor. He began learning vocal music and piano at the age of nine, later studying at the School of Music Education of Wuhan Conservatory of Music.

He has published the ending song "Wind of Time" for the final piece of the National Comic IP "Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker", the ending song of "Fights Breaking the Sphere", and "The Words". Participated in the recording of the single " What color is the dream of summer ", "Happy Year of the Sound", "Who is Time", the theme song "Nian Nian" for the 5th anniversary of the Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker, and the charity song " Believe in the Power of Youth ", etc.


  • Name: Fang Xiao Dong 方晓东
  • Birthday: August 4, 2000
  • Birthplace: Xiangyang, Hubei Province,, China
  • Education: School of Music Education of Wuhan Conservatory of Music
  • Occupation: actor, singer



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