Edward is a YouTuber and vlogger that lives in Seoul, South Korea. He also released a couple of songs in collaboration with Trophy Cat.

  • Birth Name: Edward Avila
  • Birthday: April 2, 1992
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
  • Instagram: @edweird0
  • Twitter: @edweird0
  • Youtube: Edward Avila

Edward facts:
– His favorite k-pop group is 9Muses, and he also really likes Monsta X. (Especially Wonho) He is also a fan of Red Velvet.
– His favorite school subject was art.
– He says he can’t even take care of himself so if he ever got a pet it would die. XD
– He likes Ariana Grande.
– He doesn’t particularly like sports.
– He likes Zootopia.
– He is really big on skincare.
– He prefers dogs over cats.
– He got into makeup in high school, when he had very bad skin and wanted a way to cover it. He claims that it is now a way for him to express his artistic abilities.
– He wishes he was a better YouTuber.
– He wants to go to London and Australia.
– He says he’ll never get a tattoo.
– He is a pretty messy person.
– His favorite season is spring.
– He didn’t like his nose, so he ended up getting rhinoplasty.
– He isn’t a religious person
– He loves video games.
– He likes blueberries and watermelon.
– If he could switch bodies with anyone he would want to be Ariana Grande.
– He is openly gay to all of his fans.
– He is friends with VAV.
– He really doesn’t like the word “skinny.”
– He likes Adidas and Timberlands.
– He is friends with Eddie from Under Nineteen
– He knows some Tagalog.
– He doesn’t really like/watch k-dramas.
– He is terrible at beatboxing.
– He said that if he ever won a million dollars the first thing he would do is pay off his father’s debt.
– He was born in the year of the monkey.
– A lot of people call him ‘Eddy’ or ‘Eddie’
– He is a somewhat good dancer.
– He lived in Germany for around 4 years.
– He fell down when he was a kid and hurt his spine.
– He is really good friends with Aoora.
– He has a couple songs out in collaboration with Trophy Cat.


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