BOP天堂鸟 aka Bird of Paradise is a Hong Kong Trio-boy band group formed in 2014. The group entered the music scene with the most eye-catching singing and dancing boy group, with an average age of 22 years and an average height of 183 cm.


  • Name: BOP (Bird of Paradise)- Heaven bird
  • Origin: Hong Kong
  • Debut date: March 19, 2014 ​6 years ago
  • Debut works: "Landing to the Sun"
  • Representative work: "Landing to the Sun"
  • Active years: 2014 to present
  • Agency: Tianmeng Entertainment
  • Record company: Tianmeng Entertainment (2018-present)

                                     Wealth Creation Culture (2014-2016)



  1. Gordon (Ye Haoji)
  2. Lincoln (Xu Junhao)
  3. Tyrese (Ou Zhenyuan)


-The group's music and dancing primarily are by the wealth of cultural groups and Hong Kong's famous line dancing teacher Sunny Wong


  • M21 Complete Youth·My Favorite Chinese Song Awards Ceremony 2014:
  • My Favorite Chinese Song Award-What You Want
  • My Favorite Chinese Rising Star Award-Silver Award


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