9m88, Tang Yuqi is a female Taiwanese singer and songwriter. She debuted in 2018 with "Beyond Mediocrity". She is also known as Baba is a Taiwan-raised, New York-based musician. After arriving in New York as a Jazz voice major, she has broadened her interest in various genres of music, including Jazz, R&B, Pop, and Free Improvisation. Baba is also known for infusing her music with vivid and retro visuals. 


  • Name: Tang Yuqi
  • Stage Name: 9m88 aka Baba
  • English Name: Joanne Baba
  • Nickname; Wear time and space song Ji, Baba
  • Birthday: November 20, 1990 
  • Birthplace: Taiwan
  • Occupation: Singer-songwriter
  • Education: alma mater-Department of Fashion Design, American New Academy
  • Debut works:
  •     "Beyond Mediocrity"
  • Representative work:
  •     "Nine-Headed Body Chennai"
  •     "Quiet Quality Quietly"
  • Active years: 2018-present
  • Record company: Jazz baby co., Ltd.


Cooperative single

    2016 Leo Wang "With You on Holiday"
    2017 LEO37 + SOSS "Moment"
    2017 Fishdoll "Air Doll"
    2018 stranger "SWAG nap"
    2018 LEO37 + SOSS "Getit"
    2018 Qingqing Wu "Everybody Woohoo"
    2018ØZI "BO"
    2018 Egg Fort "Taipei Hip Hop Story"
    2019 Ma Nianxian "You Come in My Direction"
    2020 Slodown, Bohan Phoenix "ORIENTATION"
    2020 Egg Castle "Dayu" 



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