• Drama Title: Wo Ai Ni, you dear หว่ออ้ายหนี่เธอที่รัก
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Released:  Aug 9, 2021 
  • Episode: 10


Yang Mi (Peak) is a Thai girl jewelry designer. She has to be hurt by love because she broke up with Shen An (Too), a half-Thai-Chinese boyfriend. Heir of a large hotel business owner Mi decides to go back to her hometown to heal her wounds. During the trip, she met Danthai (Shahn), a handsome young photographer. along with the heroic deeds that she had done until he had to stretch for a long time

          The story is more tumultuous. When she had to accidentally become a roommate with Dantai, it wasn't enough. also coincidentally working close together And also accidentally had to work together. And she accidentally learns the secret of Dantai that he is not a real man. but a young man The intimacy of a single woman and a young man So it happened in two moods.

          and when Chen An had an accident until his memory was deteriorated As soon as he woke up His memory freezes during his sweet romance with his Thai girlfriend, whom he popularly referred to as Yang Mi, as a new relationship between Mi and Dan Tai unknowingly takes shape. Chen An decided to travel to Thailand. to find his lover


  • Peak Patrasaya Kruasuwansiri as Yang Mi
  • Sean Jindachot as Danthai
  • Toh Saksit Vejsuporn as Chen An
  • Seo Jiyeon as Pat
  • Freud Natthapong Chatpong as Tong
  • Sara Nalin Holler as Tubtim
  • Kaembum Priyada Sitthachai as Cherry
  • Khae Rasamekhae Fahkuelon as Dom
  • Orn Oranong Panyawong as Mother Moo
  • Noon Darun Thitakawin as Mother Duenwad
  • Tuk Yanee Chongvisut as Madam Julie




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