• Title: Nee Kiattiyot
  • Other Names: หนี้เกียรติยศ; Debt of Honor , Nee Giet Ti Yoht
  • Origin: Thailand
  • Air date: November 3, 2020
  • Runtime: 50 minutes


An irresponsible father dies by suicide, leaving all his family to shoulder the responsibility of repaying his gambling debts to gangs and loan sharks. In addition, his son needs to care for his sick mother, and a sister oblivious to their suffering who enjoys nothing more than shopping her life away. What will Pan Tawan do?


  • Oath Ratthee (รัฐธีร์ วรโรจน์โยธิน) as Main Role
  • Apa Bhavilai (อาภา ภาวิไล) as Main Role
  • Mai Nonthapun Jaikunta (นนทพันธ์ ใจกันทา) as Support Role
  • Don Kanin Puttamanunt (กณิณ ปัทมนันถ์) as Support Role
  • Pan Pornsawan Mathachot (พรสวรรค์ มะทะโจทย์) as Support Role
  • Ploy Randapa Muntalumpa (จุฑามาศ มันตะลัมพะ) as Support Role
  • Mo Amena Pinit (ยุคลธร พินิจ) as Support Role
  • Tole Pitipon Porntrisat (ปิติพน พรตรีสัตย์) as Support Role



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