Drama Title: Fai Sin Chua ไฟสิ้นเชื้อ 
Origin: China
Release Date: 2020
Episodes: 22


Orawee and Tharn are a perfect couple but they have no children so they decided to adopt a boy and a girl - Aekaong and Atcharee. The couple separated after Tharn cheats on her with Vichuda. The siblings get separated not long after they get adopted due to what happened to their parents. Orawee becomes a successful businesswoman but is abusive to her daughter and manipulative to men. The adopted siblings still had contact with each other and Orawee does not allow her daughter to be associated with her ex husband and her family including her son. She then arranges Atcharee to be married to someone she can control,Ben, a good looking man who is a playboy. Ben does not like Atcharee but entered the arranged marriage due to his family's financial problems. He becomes his mother-in-law's secret lover but eventually finds out how Orawee treats her daughter. He takes pity on Fah and starts to care for her. Will this pity and care turn to love?


  • Bie Thassapak Hsu as Burin/Ben
  • Fluke Krirkphol Masayavanich as Tharn 
  • Yardtip Raipal as Orawee



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