Chatchok is an orphan who had been abandoned by his parents at a temple since childhood. Sand is an 18-year-old girl living at home, often abused and bullied by her stepfather. During one particularly bad beating, she escapes to the temple, and meets Chatchok. Apichat, the father of Fa Sai and Akanee, is a Dharma man who owns a furniture factory. Than Mo enjoys going to temples and often speaks to Luang Ta. Apichat often confronts Luang Ta about her two children, having been spoiled by Nai Nai's wife from a young age. On Apichat's advice, Luang Ta responds by sending his children to study abroad. However, upon returning home, Akanee comes with Pimchan, a feisty, sexually-liberated girl. Though obsessed with this woman, his father is not at all pleased.



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