Baan Sunthorn Phan, or what people call it home for single ladies There are three sisters: Prathuangthip (Chureosiri),Take Thahai (Prim Prapaporn) and Walai Phon (Metta Rungrat) bring together joy when Ting or Yodchai Anakun (Mit Chaibuncha / Khanchit Khwanpracha), who is his grandson, will come to be with him to continue his studies. The three girls tried to use their charm to seduce them. But it didn't work At the same time, Tao or Ying Surakarn (Phetchara Chaowarat), the daughter of Director General Banjong Surakarn (Chao Klueng), claimed to be named Taew. Become a servant in a single woman's home In which the three women were not satisfied that Ting turned their attention to Tao Prathuang Thip told Ting's parents that I will take people to use as a wife. Ting himself was skeptical of Tao's behavior, so secretly went to apply to be a gardener at Tao's father's house until finding out the truth. But Tao was not happy to see Ting to get close to Harp (Chomjai Charinthon), wife Nai Pail (Apollo City), the driver of the house until the fight happened. Mr. Pail was kicked out of the house. Therefore led them to rob the Director-General's house for revenge But Ting and friends Can help in time.



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