• Drama Title: Loser 船到橋頭不會直
  • Origin: Taiwan
  • Release Date: 2022-04-25
  • Episodes: 


The family, who believed that everything was not going well since childhood, left his hometown to work hard in the city when he grew up, and finally saved some funds to start a business, but was betrayed by his girlfriend and fled back to his hometown in disgrace. so what? When she returned to her hometown and started anew, for herself and her family, Jiajia decided to stand up and run for rij, how could she find love and a life worth fighting for in the process?


  • Yang Xiaoli
  • Wu Zhengdi
  • Zhou Xiaoan
  • Tao Chuanzheng
  • Xie Qiwen
  • Mo Aifang
  • Liao Xiaotong
  • An Yiqiao
  • Chen Shiya
  • Chen Shiyuan




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