• Drama Title: Heaven on the Fourth Floor 四楼的天堂
  • Origin: Taiwanese
  • Release Date: Oct 9, 2021 - Nov 6, 2021
  • Episode: 10


"Heaven" is a massage parlor that's hidden between alleys and located on the fourth floor. Here, tuina masseuse Tian Yi is often able to heal the mental wounds that his customers can't bear to face in his own unique way. Be it a psychologist who's always able to solve her clients' problems but not her mother's, a graffiti artist with a dark, crime-riddled past, or a theater actor who's constantly suppressing his emotions... They'll be able to find the truest versions of themselves in "Heaven". (



  • Anthony Wong
  • Hsieh Ying-Xuan
  • Fandy Fan
  • Huang Peijia
  • True Wang
  • Pan Lili
  • Chen Jiada
  • Zhang Jianian
  • Lu Yi-Ching
  • Umin Boya
  • Ding Ning
  • Bean Sun
  • Iain Lu
  • Kerr Hsu
  • Hu Wei-Jie
  • Wu Kun-Da
  • Yeh Tzu-Yu
  • Spark Chen
  • Lin Chih-Ju
  • Helena Hsu
  • Ting Hsu
  • Lin Ju




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