• Drama Title: Happy Enemy 門當互懟愛上你
  • AKA: Men Dang Hu Dui Ai Shang Ni , 门当互怼爱上你
  • Origin: Tawain
  • Release Date: Aug 29, 2022
  • Episodes: 10


Good Morning Community ~ A weird community comedy about a group of weird residents absurdly everyday.

This community is full of wonders, bizarre things are staged every day, the best friend who has been quarreling for half a lifetime, a Martian woman who just wants to tick the box on her life’s wish list, a genius with high IQ and low EQ, the most trendy mother-in-law on the surface, and an outburst of fake friends. Women, cleaners with girl group dreams, security guards who look like underworld bosses no matter how you look at them, Ah Hua, a community gossip center, whistleblowers who care about everything, beautiful single mothers, and handsome guys next door also have untold secrets. The story of firewood, rice, oil, salt, laughter and tears in life brings real life problems in a relaxed and humorous style, and uses laughter as the power to accompany the audience to live every night. One absurd night, Peipei and Yuxuan, the happy friends of the Good Morning community, embark on the fateful love predicted by the fairy. The unspeakable love, but they have a pair of rival fathers, the love road of this pair of happy enemies is destined to be "fighting" for a lifetime!!



  • Da Yuan Lin as Wu Pei Pei
  • Simon Lian as Li Yu Xuan
  • Yankee Yang as Guan Jun Kai



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