Movie Title: 预支未来
Origin: Taiwan
Release Date: 2020-12-03
Episodes: 8


In the home of the corpse of a well-known female writer who wrote in her book the "confession-style death", the criminal investigation team leader Zhao Xuzhen (played by Zhang Shuhao) is responsible for investigating this big case. His brother, Internet criminal Li Zhongwei (He is not related) Hao Chen) also joined the task force. The investigation fell into a bottleneck, and a series of bizarre incidents seemed to point to a mysterious online shopping site The people involved in the case all claimed to have placed an order in this online mall from the future: best-selling novels that have never been published, artificial tears that see hallucinations, fake and real electronic dolls... By prepaying the desires that are satisfied in the future, they will also pay heavy cost.



  • Eugenie Liu 
  • Bruce He
  • Ivy Shao
  • Bryan Chang



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