• Donghua Title: Master of the Star Spring 星源之主 (Xing Yuan Zhi Zhu)
  • Produced by: bilibili
  • Network: bilibili
  • Air date: Jul 27, 2022
  • Episodes: 
  • Season(s):
  • Opening Theme: 
  • Ending Theme: 


Su Jiu, a useless young man, was hit by the divine stone "Xingyuan" and accidentally obtained the power of Star Spring (Xingyuan). He became the Master of the Star Spring. From an ordinary student without any training qualifications, to become the new master of Xingyuan. The two super beauties of Wanjie, You Yihan and Shen Mengxue, also came to pursue "Xingyuan". In order to attract Su Jiu to enter their own sect, they temporarily reached an agreement to teach him together. Su Jiu practiced with them. Unexpectedly, Su Jiuxiu, who has "Xingyuan", has made rapid progress, far beyond the imagination of the two girls.


  • Su Jiu voiced by Han Mo
  • You Yihan voiced by  Liu Zhixiao
  • Shen Mengxue voiced by Su Zhenxiu
  • Qiu Shuang voiced by  Shuo Xiaotu
  •  Zhao Hu voiced by Li Jiaxiang
  • Xiami voiced by Zhang Yuantao


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