• Donghua Title: The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife 3 邪王追妻 3 (Xie Wang Zhui Qi 3: Shen Nu Guilai); Be My Wife 3
  • Produced by: KJJ Animation, BigFireBird Animation, iQIYI, Energy Studio
  • Network: iQIYI
  • Air date: Sep 29, 2021 to Jan 5, 2022
  • Episodes: 16
  • Season(s): 3
  • Opening Theme:
  • Ending Theme: 


Su Luo was taken away by her rival Li Yaoyao and her master, Fairy Yanxia, ​​and she washed away the shape-shifting technique to reveal her true face, which will also reveal her background as a fan. In order to escape from control, Su Luo destroyed Fairy Yanxia's cave, but she was seriously injured and fell into the sea, and the one who rescued her was actually assassinating her lover on Earth - Yunqi. In shock, Yunqi burst out that he knew Su Luo's life. the secret. And Nangong used all forces to find Su Luo. Is Su Luo choosing a shortcut for the secret of his life experience, going with Yun Qi who betrayed him, or returning to Nangong Liuyun's side to work together to uncover what he wants to know.


  • Su Luo voiced by Tong Xinzhu
  • Nangong Liuyun voiced by  Hao Xianghai
  • Lingfengvoiced by  Li Lanling
  • Luluovoiced by  Shen Nianru
  • Su Xivoiced by  Four Blades Shining 四刀辉彰
  • Yunqivoiced by  Liu Mingyue


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