• Donghua Title: Qian Yi Chuan 千伊传
  • Aka: Princess Agent / Secret Service Princess 特工王妃
  • Produced by:
  • Air date: 2021
  • Episodes: 60


Once the peerless killer agent girl time traveled back to the past, she takes on the body of the second miss (daughter) of the prime minister. She was abandoned on the day of her fiancé's big wedding, but she set to married someone way better that loves her.

Her new fiancee was seen as a handicap/ disable prince that people called waste and useless. Is she set to be the future useless king's one and only useless queen? They were laughed at - saying useless girl and a useless man what a perfect match. These two have a hidden secret that is set to blow off all of their minds. 

The useless prince is actually a very smart, handsome, and martially powerful warrior. The so called useless girl is actually a skilled and powerful leader of her clan.




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