• Title: Undercover
  • Other Names: 언더커버
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Air date: 2021
  • Episodes: ???
  • Runtime: ??? minutes


Undercover is a revenge drama about a cartel gang member who goes undercover and joins the police force to learn the secret behind her father's death. The charismatic mob boss of Korea's largest drug syndicate, Dongcheon, helps her go undercover as a cop using all the resources he has, but his motives remain unclear. Enter a no-nonsense, by-the-book police officer who partners with her, unaware that his beautiful new partner is a mobster in disguise.


  • Han So Hee as Undercover mobster
  • Ahn Bo Hyun as No-Nonsense Cop
  • Park Hee Soon as Mob Boss
  • Lee Hak Joo as Mob Boss right-hand man
  • Kim Sang Ho as Drug Crime Unit Chief



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