• Title: Cheat On Me, If You Can
  • Other Names: 바람피면죽는다; You Cheat, You Die , You're Dead If You Cheat , If I Cheat, I Die , If You Cheat, You Die , Dare You Cheat On Me , Balampimyeonjugneunda , Barampimyeon Jookneunda , Barampimyeon Jukneunda
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Air date: December 2, 2020
  • Episodes: 16
  • Runtime: 65 minutes


Best-selling crime author Yeo Joo is researching how to make a murder look like an accidental death. Her younger husband, Woo Sung, is a family man and divorce lawyer. He thinks he's still a sexy, attractive partner, with a wonderful married life. But lately, Yeo Joo, who would rather be a widow than a divorcée, notices that lately some of his behavior is suspicious. Could Woo Sung actually be cheating on her? Could he possibly be enjoying a thrilling affair behind her back? Yeo Joo tells it straight: If he cheats, he dies!


  • Cho Yeo Jung (조여정) as Kang Yeo Joo
  • Yeonwoo (이다빈) as Go Mi Rae
  • Go Joon (고준) as Han Woo Sung
  • Kim Young Dae (김영대) as Cha Soo Ho
  • Song Ok Sook (송옥숙) as Yeom Jin Ok [Housekeeper]
  • Lee Se Na (이세나) as Min Yoon Hee [Jin Ho's wife]
  • Hong Soo Hyun (홍수현) as Baek Soo Jung
  • Jung Sang Hoon (정상훈) as Son Jin Ho
  • Kim Ji Hoon (김지훈) as Son Dong Ho
  • Gong Sang Ah (공상아) as Oh Hyun Jung


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