• Title: Assembly
  • Other Names: 어셈블리
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Air date: July 15, 2015
  • Episodes: 20
  • Runtime: 60 minutes


Jin Sang Pil is a welder at a shipyard, but when he and his fellow workers get laid off, he fights for their reinstatement as the spokesman for the labor union. To his surprise, this leads to him becoming a newly elected member of the National Assembly. But because of his idealism and naiveté, Sang Pil finds it difficult to navigate the corridors of politics. Enter whip-smart aide Choi In Gyeong, who shows him the ropes and together they work to accomplish real change within the government.


  • Jung Jae Young (정재영) as Jin Sang Pil
  • Jang Hyun Sung (장현성) as Baek Do Hyeon
  • Song Yoon Ah (송윤아) as Choi In Kyung
  • Park Young Gyu (박영규) as Park Chun Seop
  • Ok Taec Yeon (옥택연) as Kim Gyu Hwan / Kim Gyu Hwan
  • Lee Won Jae (이원재) as Kang Sang Ho
  • Sung Ji Ru (성지루) as Byun Seong Gi
  • Kim Seo Hyung (김서형) as Hong Chan Mi
  • Kil Hae Yeon (길해연) as Cheon No Shim
  • Choi Jin Ho (최진호) as Jo Wung Gyu



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