• Title: All is Well
  • Other Names: 다 잘될거야; Da Jaldel Geoya , My Love, Dummy , Nae Sarang Wensu , My Lovely Enemy , Everything Will Be Okay , 내 사랑, 웬수 , Love and Hate , 내 사랑 웬수 , Everything Will Be Alright
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Air date: August 31, 2015
  • Episodes: 102
  • Runtime: 35 minutes


A drama about people who face hate and conflict while learning to forgive and understand the meaning of love and happiness.


  • Choi Yoon Young (최윤영) as Geum Ga Eun
  • Uhm Hyun Kyung (엄현경) as Kang Hee Jung
  • Heo Jung Min (허정민) as Jang Jin Kook
  • Kwak Shi Yang (곽시양) as Kang Gi Chan
  • Song Jae Hee (송재희) as Yoo Hyeong Jun
  • Han Bo Reum (한보름) as Geum Jung Eun
  • Kang Shin Il (강신일) as Geum Man Soo [Ga Eun and Jeong Eun's father]
  • Jung Seung Ho (정승호) as Kang Dae Ho
  • Lee Kyung Jin (이경진) as Kim Soon Im [Ga Eun and Jung Eun's mother]
  • Yoon So Jung (윤소정) as Gweon Young Soon



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